How To Become A Pro DJ
In Several Easy Steps

Why I Love CD Professional Turntables

This particular story goes way to a time when I was a young girl. At that time, my mother would play a lot of different Frank Sinatra records and occasionally some rock n' roll like The Beatles or The Rolling Stones. When they would go out I would sneak onto the vinyl turntables and pop on a wax record from back in the day. This would become my favourite past time in years to come and in the end would become my job as a pro DJ on the Chicago circuit.

So in a way I have my mother to thank for allowing me the opportunity to play all those records and to learn early DJ techniques that would later in life help me to become a professional deejay. I also need to point out that I am one of those deejays that has made the transition from vinyl over to using CD turntables. I think that I am part of a dying breed really because a lot of the younger cats have started DJing with CDJ machines and DJ controllers already.

The New Deejay Generation Use CD DJ Turntables

So as I am part of the older generation that moved from wax record to CD turntables then the new lot coming through might not be able to use a pair of Technics vinyl decks right? Yup, that' pretty much how it is these days. They don't know which way their bread is buttered. But that said, there's some really good DJ talent coming through that are amazing on CD turntables, and I for one will not go back to DJing with vinyl records.